Aero Global is the leading company in innovating the quality of air by providing the most advanced air solutions technology in the country.


State-of-the-art multi-stage air filtration and purification

Here's what makes Aero Global products the best when it comes to ensuring good air quality for any setting, with 99.97% removal rate of 0.1 microns particles in the air:

Nylon Mesh Filter
Strainer woven from white nylon thread. Can be repeatedly used after cleaned
HEPA Filter
Widely used in medical applications. Strong absorption of particulate harmful to the body.
Activated Carbon
Uniformly distributed, the activated carbon micro-particles purify the air of unwanted gases and vapors
Cold Catalyst
Catalyzes formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases
Anion Purifier
Anions cause dust, smoke, viruses and bacteria, usually positively charged, to gather and drop from the air.
Silver and Copper Nanotechnology
Destroys the cell tissue and cleaves the molecular bonds of the harmful gages, bacteria, viruses.

Uncompromising pursuit of quality

We at Aero Global believe that quality is a necessity — it is part of our DNA, and we fully integrate it in our value chain. We collaborate with manufacturers that uphold the same excellency in quality and are aligned with our dedication of bringing quality in every product. Our partners have attained certifications such as:

Our manufacturing partners are ISO 9001:2015-certified, ensuring that a dedicated quality management system is implemented and maintained in their production.

Our manufacturing partners are ISO 14001:2015-certified, ensuring that an environmental management system is implemented and maintained in their production, ensuring value to the environment and lessen the impact of environmental footprint.

Our manufacturing partners are OHSAS 18001:2015-certified ensuring that the employees of our partners are well-taken care of, their occupational health and safety addressed.


Good air quality is fundamental to our well-being. On average, a person inhales about 14,000 litres of air every day, and the presence of contaminants in this air can adversely affect people’s health.


Your health is our business. Let's start with your air.

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